“Gmund Paper No. 1″ magazine tells stories by us and about us. Sharply focused, appealingly presented and attractively illustrated with high-quality photo spreads, it uniquely illustrates our company.

But that’s not all: we print our magazine on various papers and we use a wide range of printing techniques, so its pages simultaneously shows the diversity of our paper collections. We painstakingly select the optimal paper to match each story’s content, so the paper not only carries a printed message, but also affirms each story’s contents with its own individual properties. The magazine’s unusual dimensions are compact enough to accompany readers everywhere, yet spacious enough to be visually and tactilely impressive.

The leitmotif is the theme of water, which flows through the whole magazine both visually and in terms of content. As a fundamental component in paper production, water underscores Gmund Paper’s commitment to sustainability.

Source: Gmund